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Any business’s marketing strategy should include social media as a critical component. However, many smaller businesses don’t have the staffing required to sustain an effective social media campaign.

Social media is constantly changing, so staying abreast of the current capabilities and restrictions can be difficult without a dedicated staff.

Social media marketing

According to a report on the Actionable Marketing Guide, the larger businesses are now competing with the smaller ones in taking advantage of social media marketing. However, they have fewer limitations on time and staffing, so they are able to assign dedicated staff to handle this critical aspect of marketing.

While social media yields increased exposure and branding, small businesses remain challenged to allocate sufficient resources to remain competitive on social media and to track related ROI.

Forrester Research revealed in a study that more than 90% of offline purchases took place after online consumer activity.

The bottom line is that a total online presence is necessary and social media can be a huge factor.

Social Media Marketing Services

St. Louis SEO for Growth offers our clients social media marketing packages that get results for businesses. To be effective, social media must be aligned with the overall marketing strategy, goals and objectives of the business. Our Social Media Marketing services focus on:

  • Building your business’ brand awareness and trust
  • Gaining new, relevant followers
  • Building loyalty and advocacy
  • Keeping followers up to date about your business
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO)

We focus first on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs initially, because they all work together in forming a powerful social presence. These social media platforms, as well as your website, are extremely important in achieving an effective online presence.

  • Facebook has users across all demographics and works well for both B2C and B2B businesses.
  • Twitter is great for engagement and new Tweets will be included in Google search results.
  • LinkedIn is a great way to build professional connections and complements the other social media platforms very well.
  • Blogging is great for Search Engine Optimization and for building trust.

We can add additional social media platforms if desired, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

Audience, Applause, and Amplification

St. Louis SEO for Growth will post information specific to the platform you select to get the most out of each social media platform.  All blog posts will be posted on the social media platforms that you select. We can create and post information that is relevant to your business and designed to generate engagement and social shares from current followers and to get new followers as well.

Because social media strategy and terms are in a constant state of flux, St. Louis SEO for Growth will conduct regularly meetings with you to ensure our social media focus is aligned with your current goals. We will also produce a monthly performance report that depicts where your company stands on all applicable sites.

We also offer social media setup and optimization services, so if you need help setting up a social media site or just want to optimize it to get the most out of your profile, we offer a full range of social media setup services.

We offer several standard packages, or we can customize a package that will fit your specific needs and goals. Contact us to discuss which option is best for you and how we can tailor it to fit your needs.

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