The 4 Micro-Moments You Need To Know For SEO

Mobile has changed the way people live. It has changed what is expected of brands, as well. Today, the consumer journey is split into hundreds of intent-driven, real-time micro-moments. Each is a critical opportunity for a brand to shape consumers preferences and decisions.

What Mobile has Taught Brands

Prior to diving into being the brand that is there in these micro-moments, it is essential to learn how mobile has impacted a consumer’s life. Consider the following:

  • 91% of all smartphone users grab their phone for ideas in the middle of doing something.
  • 90% of people don’t know a specific brand they want to purchase.
  • 82% of consumers check on the availability of in-store purchases prior to shopping.
  • 51% of consumers have found a new product or brand when searching on their mobile device.

What this means is that mobile searchers are:

  1. Extremely active
  2. Not brand loyal

This represents a huge opportunity for new brands, small brands and anyone else who is willing to put in the work to target these mobile searchers.

Getting Started with Micro-Moments

When it comes down to impacting a purchase decision, the ultimate goal is to be there. For the best chance of “closing” the deal, a brand must:

  • Be there – the brand has to anticipate the upcoming micro-moments and be present.
  • Be useful – it is essential that a brand is relevant to consumers’ needs and connect them to the answers they are searching for.
  • Be quick – they have been given the name “micro-moments” for a reason. Mobile users want to know, go and buy quickly. The mobile process must be frictionless and fast.

The 4 Micro-Moments to Propel a Brand

While there are quite a few micro-moments that can be targeted, there are a few that provide better returns than the others. Being the answer to these moments can lead to more sales and increased visibility.

Number 1: Is-It-Worth-It Moment

Consumers evaluate a purchase decision in the moment. In fact, up to 82% of consumers turn to their smartphone to influence a purchase decision while in the store. This means if a brand pops up with the info they are looking for, but their price is higher than others, they may purchase the higher priced brand because of the information they found.

Number 2: Time-For-A-New-One Moment

Many consumers who break or lose something they use daily are willing to go online, find a replacement and order it without a second thought. If a brand is present and has targeted their SEO to meet this person’s needs, they will gain a new sale. In fact, 62% of smartphone users are willing to take action right away to solve a new problem or task – being there is essential in these situations.

Number 3: The Show-Me-How Moment

It is important for brands to be present after the sale, too. Providing support and information in video form regarding how to use a product will provide consumers with confidence and they will likely become brand advocates. Providing useful information post-purchase can also build customer loyalty.

Number 4: One-Step-At-A-Time Moment

Consider how a brand can be helpful during each step of a larger buying process. This can be the purchase of a new home, new car or any type of larger decision. Thinking about how to provide information and resources can lead to a better customer experience.

If you are considering a new St Louis web design or search engine optimization services, keep micro moments in mind as you create your web design and Internet marketing strategy.

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