Home Page Design for Lead Generation

Your website home page design matters!

If you are considering a new website design, or just want to modify your current site for better optimization, there are some key factors you should consider. Let’s start with the home page—it’s the first thing visitors usually see when visiting your website. It’s your virtual “curb appeal”; it should be sufficiently inviting to pique enough interest to get potential customers to look further.

Your homepage is more than just a landing page. It should be designed to attract and benefit different audiences. The elements you include on your homepage should educate and convert visitors. You will also need to make the wording and features simple and easy to read.

Here are 10 suggestions on features you might want to include on your homepage for better lead generation.

  1. This needs to be clear enough to get users’ interest within 3 seconds. Don’t overdo it—remember to KISS!
  2. Sub-headline. Expanding on the headline, this should offer a bit more information on what you can do to solve a problem and/or satisfy a need. Don’t only talk about you or your company—make it about the customer and how you can help them.
  3. Calls to Action (CTAs). You will need to include at least 2-3 primary CTAs to entice visitors to delve deeper into your products and keep them clicking through your website. Primary CTAs should be above the fold. You can also include secondary CTAs below the fold to attract visitors who may not be interested in your primary one.
  4. Because it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, include some graphics and images that will attract users’ attention. Videos are great too—just make sure they elicit emotion and generate action.
  5. In addition to explaining WHAT you do, your homepage needs to tell users HOW you can help them.
  6. Testimonials/Awards. Quotes and testimonials generate trust in you and your product. Make them short and to the point. Including a name and photo increases the social proof. If you’ve achieved awards and recognition in your field, adding them to the page will help your social proof as well.
  7. Clear Navigation. Make sure the visitor can access other pages on your site with ease. Putting the menu at the top of the page is recommended, and a search feature is always a plus.
  8. Content Offer. If visitors can download a white paper, ebook, etc., from your homepage, you will be able to attain valuable contact information. Make sure the offer is not just fluff though—that will turn people off and make them think you’re just fishing for their information. That is the goal, but if the information you offer to get it is not useful, you’ll only frustrate and aggravate them.
  9. Elaborate in more detail what your product or service does. Include some key features you offer.
  10. Many visitors will not buy the first time they visit your site. Including links to resources where they can learn more will establish credibility and build trust in you and your company.

Make sure that your website, including your home page, is mobile friendly (also called responsive), and that your home page loads quickly. Nothing turns off a potential site visitor (or search engine) more than a site that loads slowly and doesn’t display for ease of use on a mobile device.

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