Micro Moments and SEO

Smart phones and other mobile devices are being used at a rapidly increasing rate by consumers. It’s easy to understand why that’s the case. The fact that they are mobile makes them more convenient while on the go. According to Google, who introduced the micro moment concept a couple years ago, it’s the instant when people turn to their devices for help in one of 4 areas:

  1. To get information
  2. To find local products or services
  3. To get help in doing something
  4. To buy

The following graphic further describes each of those areas.

micro moment and seo

Source: thinkwithgoogle.com

Consumer Behaviors Contributing to Micro Moments

People want pertinent and relevant information almost instantaneously. The more advanced technology gets, the more impatient we are. Lisa Gevelber, Google VP, Marketing for the Americas, directed a study on the micro moments concept that revealed three specific types of consumer behavior contributing to it.

The “Well-Advised” Consumer

People performing internet searches today not only want it fast, they want the best of the best results. Whether they are thinking about buying big-ticket items like a new vehicle, researching vacation spots, or something more mundane like a new toothbrush, picking up your smart phone to search for information is second nature to most. The information they find will definitely influence their future purchases.

The “Right Here” Consumer

No longer is it necessary to include the phrase “near me” or specify a location. Google and other search engines actually know where you are and the search results default to local businesses near you. Smart phone users now expect local results and are more apt to buy from companies who customize information on their sites to their location.

The “Right Now” Consumer

Consumers want results immediately. Gone are the days when you have to find and print the directions to a location. Your smart phone will not only find the location, but tell you how to get there. Last minute restaurant reservations and hotel bookings are now more the norm. Because these on-the-go searches usually result in a purchase, it’s wise to be on their radar.

Getting on the Micro Moments Bandwagon

To be more successful in your SEO strategy in the micro moments world, you’ll need to understand your audience and their intent in online searches. It requires you to provide an extraordinary user experience for people using any device, but especially making sure your website is mobile-friendly. If it’s not, it probably won’t even show up in mobile search results.

Instead of taking 3-4 steps to foster a potential customer into a qualified lead, micro-moments simply target them the moment they’ve already made the decision to make a purchase or take some other action. They key is to make sure that when a potential customer has a need, you’re right there to meet it.

You can’t track ROI for every micro-moment. Instead, you need to figure out new metrics that can be used to assess how well your efforts are (or are not) progressing. For example, about 66% of people will research a product they see in a TV commercial. If you notice that your I-want-to-know content about your product sees increased traffic around the time you’ve purchased a commercial slot, it stands to reason that this micro-moment is being successfully met.

Optimizing for Micro Moments

There are many actions that can be taken to maximize SEO for micro moments searches, including the following:

  • Updating Google Local Business information
  • Making customer reviews visible to SERPs
  • Clearly displaying your business’ name, address, and phone number
  • Checking for consistency across all business information
  • Featuring events organized by your business
  • Optimizing photos
  • Making your site mobile friendly
  • Seeking out backlinks with geographic anchor text
  • Creating a different web page for each business location

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The micro moments concept is not going away and you need to stay on top of the game. St. Louis SEO for Growth can assist you in the steps needed to get you found on mobile devices.

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