What is AdWords Remarketing?

Have you ever been browsing on Amazon or Facebook and see an ad featuring a shoe you looked at earlier on the sidebar? If so, you have experienced AdWords remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to display ads to past visitors to your website or mobile app. When a visitor leaves your site without making a purchase, for example, the remarketing will help you to reconnect with this potential customer by displaying ads that are relevant to what you offer, as they browse around online.

A step up from traditional remarketing is dynamic remarketing. This is what takes your efforts to another level, displaying the precise services or products that someone viewed while on your site in the actual ads you create and publish. While this will take some extra steps, including adding custom parameters to the tag on the website and the creation of a feed, it will also deliver higher-performance and customized ads.

How to Remarket Using Google

There are several options available if you decide you want to use remarketing efforts, which include:

  • Standard remarketing: Allows you to display ads to previous visitors while they are browsing the Display Network.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Displays dynamic ads to previous visitors with the services and products they viewed while on your website.
  • Mobile apps remarketing: Displays ads to those who used the mobile website or app for your site, as they use other mobile websites or apps.
  • Video remarketing: Displays ads to individuals who interact with your YouTube channel or your videos.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Displays ads to previous visitors when they do follow-up searches in Google after they leave your site.

Why is Remarketing worth the Effort?

Regardless of if you are looking to increase sales activity, promote awareness of your business or brand or increase registrations, remarketing can be a strategic part of your advertising efforts. Some of the specific reasons to invest in this include:

Reach individuals when they have the highest potential to make a purchase. With remarketing you can easily reach someone after they have visited your site or mobile app/website. This may be when they are actually looking for what you offer, visiting another site or using another mobile app. Remarketing provides you timely interactions that increase the potential of a customer going back to your website when they are highly engaged.

Tailored lists of your particular advertising goals. You can customize the remarketing lists in order to reach your goals. For example, create a unique list for those who abandon their shopping cart, which will focus on those who add something to the cart but don’t finish the transaction.

Extensive reach. You will be able to reach individuals on your lists when they search or browse on Google.

Affordable pricing. You will have the ability to create unique, high-performance campaigns that feature automated bid strategies. The real-time bidding works to calculate the right bid for a person who is looking at the ad, which helps you win the ad auction for a price that is affordable.

Easy Creation of ads. The process to create your remarketing ads is fairly simple and allows you to make an ad that coincides with your brand image.

Control over ads visibility. Once created you will have visibility into the performance of the ads, where they are seen and the price you pay.

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